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High Speed Fixed Wireless Internet - install $200 and plans starting at $40 per month!
Our High Speed Internet Services are avaialable in most of Grand County. Call 970-627-0034 or check out the pages at: Wireless Broadband Internet.

Email Virus filtering and spam filtering - You can cut the amount of junk email to almost nothing. All incoming email is virus checked and mail quarantined.

Web based email - use when not on your machine while traveling, or if having problems receiving emails it can be used to delete or troubleshoot email problems!

NATIONAL ACCESS - We now offer services in over 10,000 cities in the USA. This includes access from a great portion of Colorado. Our dial up users should use 887-1106 when dialing in Grand County.  Call immediately if you have a problem with this number!

ATTENTION: Windows XP owners - turn off DNS Cache on your system! Instructions Here!